Friday, August 26, 2016

I lost my man cave!

I am now caveless. it's a sad state of affairs for a nerd. I have nowhere to display my nerdly wealth--Batman paraphernalia, my signed-by-Stan Lee and hand-colored Spider-man newspaper strip, my arcade cabinets and etc. I'll have to put my consoles in the living room and have a section of the garage for the rest, but that separation just feels wrong somehow. Worse, it isn't done yet.

You see, I moved out of my three-story home into one without a basement. It was my decision, so I can't blame anyone but myself. I just need to complain. I don't even technically own the new house, so I can't begin construction of a new cave until all the paperwork goes through. Right now my comic books are sitting inside a closet, unread and unloved. On the bright side, that closet is behind a shelf that opens up like the one in the old Batman TV show. I'm looking for a Shakespeare bust to put on the shelf that I can modify with a button.

The garage is huge and will make a great replacement cave. My dilemma is temporary. It still sucks! My wife is allowing me to build a cool shelving unit for most of my game systems in the living room. I'll be able to play NES on a projector screen. I'll post photos when it's all done. That said, when she wants to watch TV, I can't game. I guess that'll be better for my marriage, though. Any nerd who manages to find a wife who tolerates his hobbies is lucky indeed. Plus, I got her hooked on Lego video games and the occasional RPG, so she sympathizes with me a bit.

I traded my man-cave for two acres, a pool and a huge pond. Sadly, the pond needs to be treated for green algae and the pool needs a new liner; I can't fix either until my mortgage officially goes through. Maybe I can put up a sign next to the pond that says "Crystal Lake" and hang a hockey mask from it.

Ooh! I just figured out my next woodworking project!

Don't feel too bad for me. I still have everything I need to make myself a new Nerdhole, even if it isn't quite a hole anymore. I just miss my perfect little corner of nerd-paradise.